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WHO IS The Creator?

  • Hello! I'm Alvin! I'm a dynamic content creator based in Austin, TX with over 2 years of experience in short form content creation. From script reading/writing to content creation, I specialize in supporting the growth of your brand by creating engaging and quality user generated content (UGC) that will convert for you!
  • I use scroll-stopping hooks and CTA's that bring your brand to life in a authentic and personable way, along with captivating visuals that will wow your audience. I can't wait to work with you & boost your ROI/ROAS!


HiSmile (Ad with greenscreen)




Security Camera Brand Voiceover (Ad)

Ridge Wallet (Ad)

Onyx Coffee Voiceover (Ad) (Ad)

HiSmile (Ad)

Filtru App (Ad)

Ridge Wallet (Ad)


Privacy App (Ad) with Greenscreen

IEX Helicopters Review

Flamingo Supplements

Voiceover (Ad)

BrowsPop (Ad)

Product Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography

Streetwear Brand Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography

UGC Photography

Product Photography

Travel Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography

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The Quality Edit

Dangle It

"We really enjoyed working with you and loved your work. Thank you so much!"

W3Schools Organic Views

(Account under 300 followers)

Starting Rates

  • Single UGC Video $200
  • 3x UGC Video $500
  • 6x UGC Video $1000
  • 3x Stills $150
  • 6x Stills $225
  • Script Reading $100

Additional Details

  • 50% of the total compensation upfront.
  • 5 business day turnaround time.
  • Prices include two rounds of revisions, additional revisions are charged at $30 per revision.
  • Upon product delivery you will receive all content watermarked to review before approval.
  • When content has been approved, the remaining 50% payment is requested before receiving the non-watermarked content.


  • Trial Package: 2 UGC videos & 2 alt. hooks $400
  • Ultimate Trial Package: 5 UGC videos, 3 alt. hooks, 5 UGC photos $850
  • Custom Packages are available as well!



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